T-Posts and a tractor

There’s a reason every farm related show on TV shows them working on fences. It’s constant, and animals are very good at breaching fences. My wife and I were putting in about fifty T posts for a new pasture, and using the post pounder. Chris is a tad short for the six foot posts, and I was pretty tired. She decided we could use the tractor bucket to mash them into the ground.

This was a great idea! In ten minutes we’d put in three posts. I’d hold them, she’d set the bucket onto the top of the post and push it down.

And then I woke up on the ground. Chris was looking in my face and said that we should go take a break. I answered something about not being done yet, and then my head started to hurt. I realized I was flat on the dirt.

I grabbed the back of my head and asked why I was on the on the ground. Chris mumbled something about getting a snack when all the dots were connected.

I shouted, “You hit me!”

She conceded that the post slipped and the bucket cracked me on the head and I went down like a sack of feed. She still claims she would have told me eventually. We both now laugh when we tell the story, although it took me a while.

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