If you give a pig a pancake…

On our farm, sometimes animals are moved around for many reasons, fence repair, etc. At one point our pot belly pig Petunia was in with our fainting goats. The goats have their horns, but at about 150 pounds, Petunia is a big girl. (A regular pig is like 1200 pounds, so she is smallish) They had a mutual understanding to avoid each other.

When we ate out and had leftovers, we would ask for a takeout box and just toss it all together for Petunia. She’s not picky about food. The take out box from IHOP is black, and pancakes are her favorite.

We brought home a box from IHOP, and evidently Petunia recognized the pancake box either by sight or smell. She ran as fast as her little legs could carry her. We dumped the box over and watched her enjoy her meal. When the goats came near, she screamed….well, like a pig. The goats all fell over, staring with hate at Petunia and her pancakes. When the goats started to get up, she screamed again and they fell over. By the time they got up, she had finished her pancakes and strolled away.


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