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Delivering Generations: Book 3

The newest officer to join the Diamond Lake police force, Jackie Dupuis is a little eccentric. She finds deciphering people exhausting, which leaves her lonely in this small town. She isn’t quite ready to say that she made a mistake taking this job, but she’s close. If not for the success of her paranormal hobby in this extremely haunted place, she might have already left.

When Angie Stolmeijer arrived, she assumed she wouldn’t be in town for more than a few months. A budding musician and a cosmetologist, she works at the hair salon of Winnie, her Aunt Nancy’s partner. As her aunts try to help her find direction, they watch with knowing eyes as Angie develops an interest in a certain new cop. Even with their support, though, there are some journeys in life that you must walk alone.

Delivering Generations (Ladies of Diamond Lake Book 3)

Slaying Dragons

Dani Powell has been in this crisis scenario before–the extreme highs and the devastating lows, the medications and the therapy sessions–and she is confident this is just another case of the blues. A talented artist, her hobbies of music and painting provide both an escape and a window into the chaos of her mind.

Andrea Fenwick juggles a busy accounting job with trying to keep her partner Dani grounded. She has watched Dani’s mental health ebb and flow throughout their years together, but this episode seems different. Driven to always do her best, her strong will and determination may not be enough to keep them both afloat this time.

Tommie Andrews, a computer whiz and occasional dog trainer, discovers she’s developing a crush on her friend and co-worker Andrea. The more she tries to be supportive of Andrea, the more apparent it becomes that friendship may be the most she can hope for. The timing couldn’t be worse. Or could it?

All three women struggle to determine when things will get better, and in doing so must confront what “better” means to each of them.

Slaying Dragons

Keeping Secrets

What would you do if, after finally finding the woman of your dreams, she suddenly leaves to fight in the Civil War?

It’s 1863, and Elizabeth Hepscott has resigned herself to a life of monotonous boredom far from the battlefields as the wife of a Missouri rancher. Her fate changes when she travels with her brother to Kentucky to help him join the Union Army. On a whim, she poses as his little brother and is bullied into enlisting, as well. Reluctantly pulled into a new destiny, a lark decision quickly cascades into mortal danger.

While Elizabeth’s life has made a drastic U-turn, Charlie Schweicher, heiress to a glass-making fortune, is still searching for the only thing money can’t buy.

A chance encounter drastically changes everything for both of them.

Will Charlie find the love she’s longed for, or will the war take it all away?

Keeping Secrets

Moving Violations

The first in the Ladies of Diamond Lake series

When interim police chief Molly Gorman pulls Amy over, more than the antics on the motorcycle catch her eye. She discovers Amy Gilbert spends her days repairing cars in her family garage and is intrigued. The only holdup? Amy occupies her nights playing softball and drinking with her wild best friend, who offers incredibly bad advice about love. After several run-ins with a certain drunken mechanic, Molly wonders if Amy is really worth the trouble. When Amy disappears, she has to put her mixed emotions aside to work the case.

Moving Violations (Ladies of Diamond Lake Book 1)

Exceeding Expectations: Book 2

The second book in the Ladies of Diamond Lake series

Michelle Brennan has known since childhood she was meant to be a doctor. She works hard every day as an EMT and saves every penny toward her singular goal of attending medical school. She’ll be the first in her family to go to college, and romance is the last thing on her mind.

Everything Robin Barberg has struggled toward is coming together. Years of painstaking restoration have her century-old home nearly perfect. She and her business partners have acquired a building for the restaurant she’s always dreamed of opening.

When these two meet, Michelle tries to harden her heart against love but succumbs to temptation, wondering if something’s been missing in her life and if, just maybe, there’s a way to find some balance. Robin, suddenly beset by unexpected calamity, is forced to confront the reality that the very self-reliance which has gotten her this far could cost her the one thing she wants most.

Exceeding Expectations: Ladies of Diamond Lake, Book 2

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