What I’m Reading

Sculpting Love by Annette Mori…love, love, love these characters

Last Shot at Love by Annette Mori…tackles tough subjects with grace as an example for us all

46 by Lynn Ames…we can only hope for a president this personable

Dirt Nap By Carolyn Elizabeth….you’ll dig it

The Panty Thief by Annette Mori as fun as it sounds….

Faithful Valor by Isabella – don’t test those military ladies…

The Keepers Daughter by Susan X Meagher – loved the setting in Scotland

the Dark series by KC Luck – gritty characters you hope will be with you when the world collapses

Magnetic by Robin Alexander – doesn’t disappoint, note to self: don’t read her books when your wife is sleeping

Fuck Feelings: One Shrinks Practical Advice for Managing All Life’s Impossible Problems by Michael Bennett MD – What you want, what you can’t have, what you can have

Diamond Girls by Ali Spooner – A sweet story

On Writing by Stephen King – the first half is his honest, painful self analysis, the second half includes great suggestions about writing.

Patty’s Potent Potion by Robin Alexander – laugh out loud funny, great characters

Every Second Counts by D. Jackson Leigh – third in a series, horses, women, and interesting characters. I read them all in one weekend.

Pleasure Workers by Annette Mori

Forever Chance by CJ Murphy

Big City Blues by Virginia Black

Nights of Lily Ann by LL Shelton