Hooking up a trailer…

Not only can a trailer be hooked up by yourself, it probably should be. We had packed the animals, three kids, and a crap ton of supplies for an out of state trip. My wife helped my back up to the trailer and then we went about the usual connections. Except one.

In our zest to beat Atlanta traffic at rush hour, I skipped the lights check. About forty five minutes into the trip I noticed that the turn signals didn’t blink. We stopped and discovered that neither of us connected the electrical, and the plug in end was now bashed into pieces.

The clerk at the auto store panicked when I told him all the stuff I wanted, and then calmed down when I explained that I didn’t need his help. It did take about twenty minutes to get all the tools and connectors. About this time a lady came into the store and asked if that was our trailer, because a cat had crawled out and was underneath. I asked what color. White and black and tan. Yep. Our cat.

Sundae was no doubt confused where the barn went after her nap, but the kids were thrilled to have her along. After the wiring project, we then spent another half an hour buying assorted cat supplies since we didn’t want to head home.

Fast forward, well not too fast, and we were in bumper to bumper traffic in 90 degree heat, going 20 mph. To be honest I was a little worried about the cat because generally they don’t much care for car rides. Miss Thing laid on the dashboard like the queen she was, loving every minute of it. Just as my very last nerve was shot, our oldest said that this was the best road trip ever.

Perspective is everything. And make sure you don’t have help to hook up the trailer.

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